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We Care When You're Not There!

What we offer

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In-Home Pet Care/Feeding

Dog Walking

One-on-one Dog Walking

Too busy to walk your dog as much as you'd like to? We can help. 
We offer one-off or on-going arrangements.
This service can be especially useful if you are working and you require us to break your dog's long and oh-so-boring day without their favourite human! It gives them a chance to have a toilet break and get their daily exercise.
We do not group-walk, so this service is well fitted for any dog that is reactive or just prefers solo-walking!

While on walks with your dog, we are happy to reinforce any on-going training you are currently working on with your pup.

In-Home Pet Care/Feeding

Going away? Do you have pets that prefer to stay in the comfort and familiarity of their own home?

PetFriends offer once/twice daily visits providing your pets with feeding, special requirements such as medication and of course much love and cuddles.

Additionally basic home security such as mail clearance, curtain shutting and lighting changes can be tended to if required.

Even your indoor plants can be happy on your return with us watering due to requirement. Outdoor garden watering provided at an additional cost.

Many clients have appreciated our regular texts and updates keeping them assured that all is well with their home and much loved furbabies.

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On-leash Dog Walking

Half hour $25 

Full hour $30 


*Our first visit to introduce ourselves to you and your fur-babies is free of charge.


Pet Feeding Visits

Contact u​s today!

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