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We Care When You're Not There!

About Us

We are a mother/daughter team dedicated to providing quality care for Kapiti Pets when their owners are unable to, for whatever reason!

Are you going away and prefer your pets to remain in the comfort and familiarity of their home? We provide in-home feeding visits and can keep an eye on the security of your home (curtain pulling , lights, plant watering etc) whilst attending to the care of your pets.

Whether your dog/pup requires company visits to break their day or you're simply unable/too busy to meet their exercise needs, we can help.

If your dog is a challenge to walk on lead or is in need of some basic training, we can incorporate this into their walks too! Please note; for the safety and well-being of your dogs we don't offer pack walking. Our business specialises in one-on-one dog walking, This means our attention is on your dog/s solely and are kept on lead at all times unless otherwise requested. We can offer these services on a one-off or an ongoing basis.


Lynda began her journey with PetFriends 8yrs ago when she was considering returning to work after being a full-time mum. Having a strong love and family history of many pets, she tested the waters to see what the demand would be for such a business by doing a flyer run! Beginning as part time, she grew PetFriends into a full-time+ business for herself. She is currently taking her interest further and studying Dog Psychology and Training.

Krista, inheriting the 'dog-crazy' gene from her mother, has found herself doing basic obedience training work with the mentorship of various great dog trainers, in which she has picked up a lot of useful knowledge and tricks. Keen to pursue a path working with animals she's recently joined forces with Lynda.

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